Why hire an outside bookkeeper?

  • Frees up time you spend on paperwork, so you can  concentrate on your business, or just enjoy life!
  • A professional bookkeeper knows what auditors are looking for and helps avoid discrepancies that would attract an audit.
  • You save money on expensive bookkeeping software.
  • Outsourcing your bookkeeping saves you a lot of money compared to having an employee.  The comparison below doesn't take into account any employee fringe benefits.  
  • Your payroll can also be outsourced, ensuring that your employee's pay cheques and deductions are correct. You no longer have to worry about T4s at the end of the year, or the Record of Employment when an employee leaves. 

  Outside Bookkeeper                              Employee

   $200.00  per month                      $2,500.00  per month

           $0                                          109.31  C.P.P. employer

           $0                                           64.05  E. I. employer

   $200.00 per month                       $2,673.36  per month 

                                    Cathryn Scott is Our Bookkeeper                                          705-293-0831          

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