Every client has different needs and goals, and your bookkeeping will be tailored to suite your particular needs.

This is a general guideline of what Our Bookkeeper can offer.

  • Bank reconciliations
  • Recording credit card transactions and reconciliation
  • Recording your sales and deposits
  • Tracking your accounts receivable & produce aging report
  • Recording vendor bills
  • Printing cheques for payables
  • Organizing and recording cash disbursements from receipts, petty cash
  • Filing HST returns
  • Preparing T4's and T4 summary
  • Dealing with government, regarding issues
  • Preparing monthly Income statement
  • Preparing monthly Balance Sheet statement
  • Preparing month to month excel profit & loss statement
  • Preparing graph showing income and expenses
  • Preparing reports needed for year-end closing
  • Setting up and managing employees and payroll records
  • Calculating payroll deductions, including union dues or garnishments
  • Accruing vacation pay or payout with each payroll
  • Either printing pay cheques or setting up auto deposit as per your preference
  • Filing CRA payroll remittance
  • Calculating and remitting Workmen's Compensation
  • Issuing Record of Employment
  • Issuing T4 slips 

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